Singles of Missoula plans and organizes monthly activities of interest to single adult men and women and offers a place to
  meet other singles in a non-threatening environment.   We cater to the 45+ crowd.  For further information,  call  251-2616

We're having a Social at Pizza Hut, 3851 Brooks St, on Sept. 26th at 6:30pm.  The club will provide snacks.  You're responsible for your beverage.  Get out and move your life forward by meeting our members and joining in our activities.  Get to know us and what we're about.  Discuss your favorite activities.  Bring a friend to introduce them to the club.  Call the above number for more information on the group and our activities.

September 2014
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                                                                      Pinochle                         Social
                                     Hiawatha                                                       Dancing  
                                    Bike Ride                   
                                                                     Planning                       Birthday                           
                                                                        Mtg                             Dinner                   
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                   Movie                                            Bingo                      Dancing     Lindeys in
                 Matinee                                                                                             Seeley Lake
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